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We envision people being able to monitor their own airspace. The power has always lied with the people. We need an ability to report privacy & security issues in real time, with concrete proof of intrusions/violations. The ability to toll commercial drones to use your airspace is not only groundbreaking, it will produce revenue streams needed to pay for the infrastructure. Once complete, future revenue can be used for various government, local, tribal and private advantages.*Pending federal approval.

Tracking Drones is Big Business

Drones can easily invade privacy. People need a way to hold them accountable.

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Class G Inc.

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Our vision at Class G Inc. is to help you protect your privacy. A lot of landowners don’t realize that they own part of the air space above their house. Our goal is to help you monitor that space and have peace of mind knowing who is not only around your house, but above it. 

Generate Revenue

Our mission at Class G Inc. is to help landowners keep privacy above their property. With our product, you will be able to monitor the airspace above your property. Our goal for our product is to be able to generate revenue at the state and local levels.

Monitor Security

Class G Inc. has visions for the future. Our product offers the ability to move forward as technology advances. Have you ever had drones flying above your property? Have you ever thought about who or why they are there? 

Capture Drone Info

Drones are becoming more commercialized as time goes on. More and more people are using drones for commercial purposes, such as aerial photography and videography. As this trend grows, it is important to understand the laws and regulations.

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The ability to monitor your own airspace can give you greater peace of mind.

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Class G Inc.

Drone Flight Data Demo

Drone data is great for national and personal security, through Air Tolling in applicable areas.